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Always Trying to Get Away? Consider Purchasing a Second Home

lake homeIt can be wonderful to have a place to get away in the summer or on free weekends. A lake home can be a versatile second home and a chance to enjoy a different type of scenery. For example, if you primarily live in an urban area, purchasing a lake home can be a great way to get your kids outside, for you to enjoy nature and unwind, and to get away from the hustle and bustle. There are many beautiful lakefront homes for sale in the northwestern Wisconsin area and looking up a real estate agent has never been simpler with the Internet. Indeed, over 90% of people now utilize the Internet when searching for homes. Of these people over 85% of people found the photos provided very useful and almost 85% found the detailed information provided on the website listing helpful towards their decision to inquire further.

What to Expect When Looking

Unless you’re very lucky, it’s probably going to be a process that takes a few months. The average buyer looked for about 10 weeks and checked out around 10 homes. Most buyers will check online listings first, while around 15% of people will get in touch with a real estate company first to expedite the process. Indeed, talking with real estate agents can be an excellent source of information, agreed almost 80% of potential buyers.

Location is important — even if it’s a second home and you won’t be there too much, you want to make sure it’s easily accessible to amenities like a grocery store or gas station, so your time there can be fairly uncomplicated. If you should need assistance for any reason, you don’t want to be isolated in an unfamiliar area.

You should also consult with a financial planner about what purchasing a second home will mean for your insurance, mortgage, and tax rates and what you need to think about before making the plunge.

Why Should I Be Looking Into a Lake Home?

A lake home can offer a variety of activities “built in” — fishing, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and other water sports are all possibilities. If there’s a mini beach or a dock, you can enjoy long summer evenings in the privacy of your own property. You’ll also get beautiful views and enjoy the ambiance of being near the water any time of day. It can be a great entertaining space and one that guests will remember!

Additionally, a lake home will appreciate in value. Waterfront properties are always in demand and tend to sell well, especially if you keep the home in good repair. During the off season — or if you’re not at your home too much during the warm season — you can even make a little extra money by renting it out to other tourists or even locals.

What’s the Next Step?

If you’ve found a few listings that you’re interested in, you’ll probably want to contact a real estate agent in the area and set up viewing times. If you don’t live close to the area, try and set up as many appointments for the weekend or whichever days you can get out there as you can to maximize your time. Pictures can be misleading, so you want to visit the home in person, and get a feel for not only the house, but the surrounding area and town it’s in.

You’ll also want to get all your financial ducks in a row so if you find a place you love, you can jump on it right away. Talk to any contacts you might have in the area who could suggest a good real estate agent to get in touch with and start the hunt for your dream second home today!