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Buying a Second Home? These 3 Tips Can Help

real estate agentsBuying your first home was probably one of the most exciting times of your life. Now that you’ve got some years of homeownership under your belt, you might be thinking of purchasing a second property for a summer home, winter retreat, or to generate some extra income. You should know that the excitement will certainly still be there, but you should also be very careful when purchasing a second home.

Here are some tips that you should consider before purchasing your first second home.

Plan Your Budget
Budgeting for a first home might’ve been a complicated situation for you in the past, but budgeting for a second home can be even more difficult. You’ll have to account for the original property as well as your new home when you determine your finances. Despite the stereotype, not everyone purchasing a second home is made of money. If necessary, speak to your financial advisor when planning your budget for your new home.

If you’re planning to purchase a second home as an investment property or income-generating property, these calculations are even more important. Make sure you aren’t taking on more debt than you can handle.

Working With Trusted Real Estate Agents
Trying to do everything yourself can result in a nightmare situation for you and you family. If you aren’t working with experienced real estate agents — agents who are specifically experienced working in your area — you’re going to have trouble with just about every aspect of buying a home. Whether you’re buying your first or your ninth home, never stop consulting with professional real estate agents.

Do Research Online
Although you should consult with your agent throughout the entire second home purchasing process, you should still do plenty of research on your own. Wholly 92% of people are using the Internet for their home searches today, and you’ll be at a serious disadvantage if you elect to only search for homes in more conventional ways. Spend a few hours a week browsing through home listing sites, reading local newspapers, browsing crime reports, and take notes on what jumps out at you. If you want to make sure that your second home has a few certain features, make a note of that during your research and let your agent know when you begin your discussions.

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